Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Zuckerberg Squirms as he's questioned by the feeble elderly

Relentlessly bullied online after he was discovered to use a "boosted chair" while speaking to the US Senate yesterday, he decided NOT to use the extra padded lift. I guess when you're 5 foot 7, you'll need every inch you can get when dealing with the senile, elderly senators.

These clueless idiots have no idea how the technology works. Hell, some of them couldn't even pronounce Mark Zuckerberg's name correctly. I'm amazed these idiots got elected in the first place. How the hell do they check their email, let alone reply to someone? I bet some of their Facebook posts can be found on for fucks sake!

Clearly, these senators don't have a fucking clue how technolgy works. Facebook has deals with data brokers who will sell transactional information of users so they can aggregate and compile it. All to use your own personal data to sell to application developers.

The emotionless face of Zuck really bugged me. If he really was concerned about protecting people's privacy, why would he wait until the senate committe to promise to "Do better".

It's a meaningless promise with out defined goals and objectives. It's like saying you're going to quit drinking... except, every once in a while you'll continue to take a sip of liquor. It's not a problem because you tell yourself it's just once in a while. But these sips - or data mining, are extended and have no accountability.

People who used to work at Facebook describe Mark's attitude to "Domination" of other Social Media platforms. He expressed a willingness for "Companies can take over countries". Considering what the Russians did during the last presidental election, I'm not surprised.

When Mark began his speech he said:"Facebook is an idealistic and optomistic company".

Translation: "Facebook is a data mining and opportunistic company. We won't stop at what we can sell to our advertisers. Their demands must be met. They count. "

The company has no credibility. Remember "Black lives matter?" - turns out the the main page was a complete fraud.

And so, after 2 gruelling days for poor old 'Zuck, what do you think is going to happen?


If you haven't seriously considered ditching Facebook, you should really think about removing your personal information and the application(s) from your phones and tablets.

But its' quite funny that people forget that Google is a gigantic data miner. This blog sits on the Google platform. The only reason I keep it around is when I want to reminisce about being back in 2008 and thinking I was king of the goddamn world.

But not anymore. Privacy is important. People deserve to be treated like individuals who deserve respect. Not like packages of data where advertisers can shunt their crappy products towards.

We all deserve better.

Demand it.

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