Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Player Unknown's BattleGrounds: A Game for Psychopaths

Where to begin? A few years ago I wrote a review/story about DayZ - a little bohemian game which put you in the middle of nowhere with only shows, shirt, and pants. You had to run and survive & gather weapons, fight off zombies and other rutheless players. Based off the old Arma 2 engine, the equipment was top notch and accurate.

Unfortunately, that game spun into major boredom because there wasn't anything to do in the game besides kill other players and wander. I fired up the game a month ago to try it out and unfortunately it was the same old running simulator. I put 300 hours of my life into that game. Fuck sakes.

Enter PUBG: The smash hit from some strange sounding development house. The premise is this:

You jump from an airplane with 99 other players. The landing point is decided by you and your goal is to kill all the other players. Meanwhile, 99 other people will be going over the huge island and scouring weapons too.

Every few minutes, the battle circle gets smaller and anyone outside of this circle takes damage. Random red zones appear where artillary shells rain from above. The closing of the next circle is random so you never can predict where the next "center" will be. Stay outside this safe zone and you will eventually die.

The game is fun however you will be constantly dying which soon gets to be a routine. You can either camp inside houses and get bored out of your life, or run towards the action and hope to kill other players. Don't even bother turning on voice chat, unless you enjoy getting into confrontations with 12-year olds. If I had a child I would never allow them to play this game. Its extremely violent and the gun action is very detailed.

You can find DMR's, AK's, M16's, 9mm, 45's, 1911's, with scope attachments, supressors, extended clips... battle armour.... backpacks...etc. The full scope of this military sim is just insane.

Random airplanes will drop even more supplies and make firefights intense. You can run solo, in dual mode, or in a group. I watched a few youtube videos in hopes of getting "better", however I was only able to gather better weapons because I knew what to look for.

You can also drive vehicles: Trucks, jeeps, motorcycles, and racing 4x4 go-carts. You can run over other players but they'll just as easily blow your head off with a well-aimed shot from a KAR rifle.

Compared to Arma 3, the detail is lacking. In Arma 3 you can literally scope right up close and the bullet paths are very accurate (including drop rates and wind speed compensation).

But this isn't a military simulator. It's a crowded king-of-the-hill battle royale which works just great for casual gameplay of all ages 15 and above.

Don't make the mistake I did and play against highly skilled Chinese players from Asia. Jesus Christ, I swear those guys must play 24x7. There are hackers too, but I haven't noticed them much. The company will ban you if you try to run any program that defeats the battleeye program which runs.

And there are boats too. If you get the game, you'll be able to participate in the closed beta. It's a much smaller map with higher respawn of weapons. I found it quite ludicrous.

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