Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Boosted Board Report Update

Skateboarding in March sucks. Between the hazardous icy patches of road, random wet road and sidewalks, and people who have no concept of a self powered skateboard. While riding this afternoon a pickup truck came up beside me in the bike lane and said "Hey! That's cheating!". I replied "You goddamn right!". Listen: I'm not a young person anymore. I'm not ancient but I certainly don't have the heel stamina to move a manual skateboard around anymore. I tried that bullshit back in March 2017 and let me tell you, walking was excruciatingly painful after moving a cheap longboard around for 5-6 weeks. And forget riding a skateboard without any kind of brakes. Fuck everything about that. I remember last March when I burned out on the skateboard going 40 km/hour. Crazy shit.

I resisted the urge to go full blast down the bike lane in some areas where the road was sketchy. I've had too many falls to know what that feels like. Slow down, know the road, remember the bumps and large cracks...then go full blast. 

I suspect one of my motors is going to die soon. While riding over the past 3 times, I have noticed that the motor will disconnect from the power controller. This is not a physical connection because the cable locks into the motor controller. I have seen this happen last year, and I had to send my damn board back to boosted for repair.

Boosted really took care of me. They literally replaced all electronic components - including the remote controller - for free. They even repaired and shipped it out on the same goddamn day. That's right. 

You can read many stories on reddit.com/r/boostedboards about their legendary customer service. People have sent their version 1 boards back to boosted due to motor or battery failure. They usually repair and send it back for free. Now that is hellishly good customer service.  

I just got confirmation that the battery has shipped and I should get it mid-next week. By then the roads might be dry enough to really test the long distance I can get from the extended batteries.


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