Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Abandoned 7-11

Above: From the sketchy bridge in Calgary during my lunch walk. The pathways are still covered in ice and snowy bits, so boosting down them would be especially treacherous.

Bad news, the 7-11 near the A&W on 90th avenue se and Bonaventure drive has been shut down! Gas pumps dismantled, the 7-11 signs ripped down. I never went here for slurpees because they tasted terrible (too slushy and at one point I could swear I tasted rubber or oil). 

I'll go back this week and read what the sign says. I suspect the whole building needs to be demolished it's so old.

You can boost through here but I won't advise it. You'll get wet, dirty, and the board will be soaked with mud and water.  While walking I found this unusual pamphlet under water in a puddle. How quaint. Jesus looks like Eric Cartman.

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