Sunday, February 18, 2018

Why would you play this game ?

If your idea of a good time involves squatting in the dark woods, making as less noise as possible so not to stir up the evil creatures that lurk there to kill you. Developed out of Russia, this multi-player game attracted my attention because I love survival horror games. Death comes swiftly and quick, whether from a large variety of monstrous creatures or the crazy madmen who lurk near and around the island.

Although you have a trusty flashlight, you won't be using it much, unless you enjoy attracting attention to yourself. Creatures of the night flock to it like fire to dry grass. What's interesting is the paranormal aspect of the game. It reminds me of Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl, where these odd winds and paranormal-type things would attack you if you ventured too close to them. I swear the sounds are the same.

You can craft items, but to be honest my pathetic attempts at survival have not been great. I once found a sweet heavy gun which would fire gigantic shells and kill things with one shot. Very handy, but I only had 3 bullets. Items also wear out and require re-building from workshops.

I'm ashamed to admit I put over 300 hours into Dayz and this game is 2,000 times better than that trainwreck. At least you have something to do on this island. In Dayz you just wander around, fight zombies and players who (rarely now) play with you. The red sky reminds me of Darkwood, another terrifying game I play. The developers are updating this game very frequently as it's in alpha right now.

Oh. And did I mention the jump scares? Tons of them. I was walking down the railroad tracks and suddenly some bloody women appeared in front of me with menacing laughter in the air. I almost pissed myself.

I love the game.


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