Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Ride Report

1600+ kilometers and it's still burning up the pavement. Well, sort of. I took the boosted board out for a rip this morning and during lunchtime. Here are a few things I discovered while riding the board today:

Grip Tape

In terrible condition, I had problems keeping my feet stuck to the board. Coupled with the wet and snow/icy surfaces, it makes grip impossible. The plan is to remove the grip tape and replace with new,pristine tape with sharp grip.

Electrical Connections

Bad. I had 4-5 random disconnects from one of the batteries whenever I went over bumps and such. The only solution is to re-seat connectors, power the board off and on and hope it works again.


Not great. Although the wheels spin, there is a very pronounced drag on a few wheels where you can see 3/4 wheels are buggered with dirty and inefficient bearings.


Good condition. It had lots of juice and accepted charging readily.


Great condition, no issues.

Board Firmware

Updated today. Boosted released a new version of motor controller software which will work with the new Extended Battery that I'll get in March.

The Plan

The board has to be completely disassembled and cleaned. The bearings and grip tape need to be replaced. The wheels are in good shape for at least another 1600 kms. To replace them you'd be looking at $150 CDN plus shipping.

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