Friday, February 23, 2018

A Proposal for My Ideal Social Media

My social media platform would be based off these key points below:

  •  No advertising, completely free service
  •  No mobile apps. Desktop website only
  •  Minimum age: 18
  •  All accounts would be vetted by myself or an authorized proxy I trust
  •  Absolutely no personable, identifying information
  •  No tracking, data mining, or selling of any information to 3rd parties
  •  By default, all notifications are turned off. No badges, rewards, or like/dislike
  •  NO corporate accounts allowed
  •  Encrypted data and auto-wipe
  •  No racist, misogynistic,  or Nazi assholes allowed
  •  Spammers will be perma-banned by IP and MAC address
  •  Absolutely no inter-social media linking such as facebook's "like this"
  •  If you die, your account is deleted. None of this memorial bullshit
  •  Harassment of any users will result in perma-ban 
  • Auto-delete account from inactivity >30 days 
They say that when you use a free service, you are the product. In this revolutionary web site, there is no product. With my Social Media Experiment, your identity, history, and data is completely safe. I really don't give a goddamn rats ass what you are doing - as long as it's not illegal like abusing kids or animals. This is the "Fuck you" of social media. There is no end game. Stop using it? Auto-delete after 30 days of no logins. The best part? The web site will self-destruct after 1 year. In its place will be a static "Construction" sign from the 1990's.