Monday, January 1, 2018

Entering the year of Cannabis legalization

Image, 80 years of prohibition nonsense and police brutality over a simple herb - a plant if you will. Now coming to an end in Canada and already in some parts of the US. It was the same with Alcohol during that period but for a much shorter duration. In Canada you have 2 ways to obtain weed:

1. Illegally through your local drug dealer or mail order marijuana site. Currently the cheapest and easiest way to get weed right now. Even if you don't have "that guy" you can always find a MOM online that will sell for as little as 3$ per gram for weed. (Mind you at that price it's bagged scraps).

2. Legally through the Canada Medical Marijuana system and licensed provider's (LP). Once you sign up and pick an LP, you're locked in for about a year. Inventory for some LP's is not great as there have been many stories of people seeking low-THC and high-CBD strains - only to see them sold out.

I have mixed feelings about legalization of Cannabis. First, it can be a truly wonderful medicine when taken responsibily and only by adults. I have first hand felt the effects of going to sleep and waking up very rested. However for some who cannot control their usage, it can become a full-time unending habit. It's easy to get into the relaxed confines of a cerebrial high. Your stress is down, your heart rate and blood pressure lowered. Life is good. Who wouldn't want that? My view is, with moderation and occaisional tolerance breaks. The T breaks can provide excellent time to reflect and think about the past month or so.

But enough of this. If I were to offer anyone advice when legalization kicks in and you're tempted to try edibles: Don't go higher than a 50 mg does, otherwise you will have a mind blowing high that may scare you. Trust me.

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