Friday, December 8, 2017

I forgot my own rules

Above: An office flooded due to a faulty heating pipe in a downtown office. I almost stepped completely into it. The air smelled musty and I'm glad there wasn't power otherwise I might have been dead.

Most of the pictures I take are lucky. 99% of my pictures are random and I'm in the right spot at the right time. Just like above.

Sunsets are easy. Even the iphone 6s can take a half decent shot. My Ricoh GR2 will be coming out next week. 

We had  a anonymous gift exchange at work. This is what I received (I wanted anything with cats). Perfect!

Boosting 101

- Don't ever go full blast down runs you don't know 100%
- Don't trust drivers
- Be ready to jump
- Wear your gear

So in doing this list I broke the very first rule. I was blasting downtown on the pedestrian/bike path in Calgary and immediately came upon a brick-sized depression in the road. I woudl say 2 inches deep (yikes!!!). Instead of jumping off the board, I decided to go for it and resist panic.

I actually managed to get over it. But then another one literally 2 seconds afterwards. I made it again. After that I decided I would no longer go full blast down unknown roads. Too risky. I managed to carry a gigantic take-out box through downtown and weaving around pedestrians. Good times.

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