Friday, November 3, 2017

No more longboarding

Calgary received 25 cm of snow in 3 days so far. The temperature dipped to -13C and it's cold as hell. Immediately, drivers began moving around like idiots and accidents were everywhere. It's like that movie Groundhog day and every year the same traffic bullshit happens during the first major snow storm. Snowpocalypse. The boosted board has been put against the wall for the season, I don't see this being used again until next year - unless we get a massive chinook warm stretch...

I managed to get the Nitto SN2's fitted on my car again for the winter season; I figure I have 1 last season with these bad boys and I'll have to get new ones next year. 

 I found the dollar store was selling glow sticks for $1.25 for a bundle of 10. Great deal. I love them.

Kitty loves them.

Even a slurpee looks better witha glow stick.

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