Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Samsung S2 Tab Charging Issues ?

Own a Samsung tablet or smart phone? Tired of the battery draining even if you have the 2A charger plugged into it? It's a common problem for many owners of the S2 tablet series. First, the charger is a piece of crap. Many other people have reported that this charger often is unable to supply even half the stated capacity of 2A. When plugged in, the tablet said it would take over 19 hours to charge (!). Unbelievable.

Quite frankly, I went out and bought a 40W multi-charger USB block and hooked it up to my 7 inch tablet - works great. I use the 60W multi-charger for the 9.7 inch tablet.

Both tablets have applications set to sleep mode when not in use (important). If you don't set this the applications will continue to run and drain the battery even when your tablet is shut to low power. Very rarely this problem can be caused by a damaged or faulty charging cable - usually the cheap chinese copies you can buy of DX are good enough. Sometimes you do get shit cables.

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