Thursday, October 5, 2017

New Internet

I "Upgraded" from Shaw 60/5 to their 150 "bluesky" service today. Above is the speed test I did using non-VPN. With my VPN (Nord) I get 167 MBps down and 15 up (not bad!). Shaw has a deal for $99 plus some channels which works out to half of what I was paying with the old Shaw Gateway appliance.

The new shaw bluesky was voice command on the remote which makes setting up recordings or changing channels pretty easy. To setup a recording for "Cops", all you do is hit the recording button and say: "Record COPS" and it will set it up. All you need to do is confirm it.

I'm disappointed in the lack of 4K support, and the fact the storage hasn't changed since the Shaw Gateway from 2012. The Shaw technician admitted these boxes came direct from Comcast and were re-branded for Shaw in a corporate agreement made. The remote is easy to understand and use (compared to the old 2012-series Gateway from Motorolla). The cable modem is gigantic: It's a Hitron box (as is the media center/pvr). 5-gigabit network ports, 2-usb ports, and cable input.

Since I haven't used it for even 24 hours, I can't tell you how reliable it is. I did notice the box has integrated Netflix, and I added my netflix account which does indeed work. (Although, it is slower to queue up than from my gaming computer or tablets).

I don't use the Shaw Wifi appliance, but the technician told me it was pretty good. I have my own router anyway, so I had him put the box into bridging mode. I had to call customer service 2 hours later to get a couple of cable packages added which were missing.

If it was just me, I would cut cable and only subscribe to the 150 service. The good news is there are no data caps. NONE.

Oh my God. This is great.

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