Sunday, September 24, 2017

Winnipeg Trip 2017

I left Calgary on September 16th at 8:30 AM and arrived in Wininpeg 12.5 hours later at 9:30 PM (adjusted for time change). I averaged 120-130 km/hour but managed to get across 3 provinces without getting  a ticket or accident. The window above had fallen into it's frame 2-3 inches and I had to fix it on day 3: Remove the rotted wood, replace the rotten plywood, add plastic wrap, new insulation, and support beams. Re-create part of the "frame" for the window, and boom... back in business. (My bud Dave helped with this part, I'm not great at framing shit).

My mom's neighbor's dog. Very friendly.

 My mom's neighbor trying out my boosted board.

Pretty clouds when driving around.

Went to value-village in Winnipeg and found these ancient Heathkit devices. 

A shrink-wrapped, never-used PC Commander from 1996 (21 years old!).

The bad window in question.

My grandma's old house in Portage La Prairie. She's RIP now.

Pretty sunlight going through the clouds.

Downtown Winnipeg, under-car tunnel.

Driving down main street.

The most likely place to be stabbed in Winnipeg, the Bell Hotel.

Random street shot.

One of my bud's cats (John). Can't remember the cat's name).

Another cat, this one is a little more outgoing.

This is what wood looks like after a few years of rotting.

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