Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Why Highway Driving is Ludicrous

I'm getting older now and after this last trip doing 2,800 kilometers in 7 days, I can't do it anymore. Each way is almost 1338 km, not including inner-city Winnipeg driving. I find my nighttime vision to be poorer now.

Speed Challenge

Even with cruise control (my car doesn't have it), not speeding is almost impossible. First, you end up passing slow cars. Then cars who pass you invariably end up slowing down and you end up passing them. Then they pass you again. And it repeats. So instead of this bullshit, I tend to drive +20 on the highway just outside of city limits. There are very few police in the rural areas of Canada. Although I did push 100 MPH, it was a burst speed and would be suicidal to sustain in my car.

Idiots, Idiots Everywhere

People deciding to cross the road when high speed traffic is clearly coming to them. Hitchhikers standing along side the road. Wild animals charging across your lanes. Lazy assholes who camp in the left lane (!!). I usually pass them on the right side if they don't get the hints.

Flying is Safer

It also saves time. You don't need to mentally strong to fly. With driving it requires all your attention for over 10 hours (in my case, 12.5 - 13 hours). Ridiculous. 

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