Thursday, August 17, 2017

You just don't give a fuck

 Electric Skateboarding Rules:

1. Pass all cyclists. Always at maximum throttle and only when safe to do so.

2. Don't skateboard in the rain. The board will not work and it will be ruined.

 3. Pay attention to the weather and carry an unbrella and garbage bag in case it rains.

4. Use flashing lights to attract attention from cyclists, cars, and pedestrians. When they see you, you are safer.

5. Never pass fast close to pedestrians. Always be mindful of your surroundings and openings - especially driveways and hidden alleys. Surprises can hurt or kill you.

 6. Use a bike bell to chime when people are hogging lanes. It's very effective and always thank them when you pass by.

7. When exploring new paths be careful about the road and resist the temptation to speed unless it's absolutely clear of hazards and people.

8. Always wear your protective gear. Always.

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