Friday, July 21, 2017

Raging Drunken Homeless Asshole

For the money, I'd rather get a Tesla S than a GT-R. They both cost roughly the same, but the Tesla S wins on acceleration and power. You can't beat fully electric drivetrains for instant torque and power.

I was in the back alley with some colleagues to let them try the boosted board. It was going fine until some drunken asshole comes up and asks us to punch him in the face. We're like, "No, dude.... no thanks".  Dude starts getting aggressive and reaches into his back pocket.

At this moment I'm like "This asshole is going to pull a knife on us". My boosted board is far away with another colleague riding it. I try to calm the guy down by saying "Hey, dude, chill out.". And then he's like "NO! You guys think you're better than me because I"m homeless". And at this point I'm not scared at all. I look at my colleagues who have frozen expressions on their faces. They do nothing. I'm like "Man, I have homeless people for friends... it's not like that at all... chill."  (a lie but it works). He calms down and goes away for a bit.

Finally my board comes back and it's time to get the fuck out of dodge. I grab the board and remote, switch to pro mode, and blast outta there.

Fuck drunken asshole wanna be tough guys. I was tempted to smash my board over his head but I didn't want to have blood on the grip tape.

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