Thursday, July 13, 2017

2017 Calgary Stampede and Boosted Board Update

+32 on the grounds and crowded. The rodeo show was neat but I didn't stick around too long, it was too hot for me, even in shorts. 

The show essentially is the same as it was every year. Same announcers, music, and a slightly different theme. When we walked in there was Native American dancing which was nice.

Didn't go up to the stands, wanted to stay near the front and take some pictures. I used the Ricoh GR and bumped into a photographer who had a Nikon D4 and a massive 400 mm lense. I showed him the ninja camera and he said "That is a very nice camera!". Indeed. But his gear cost at least $10K. This old Ricoh was 700 new. 

Fairground food is very expensive. I had already eaten a hamburger and potatoes whic was fine. 

A deep fried onion sounds like a stomach nightmare. I passed on that.

The boosted board was fixed today. The parts that were replaced?

* Battery - mainly due to the connection/cover that was broken (due to use)
* Both 1,000 watt motors
* Both motor controllers
* Boosted remote control (it didn't hold a charge anymore)

Should get the board next week. 

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