Friday, June 9, 2017

Where Have I Been ?

I think I have covered this before years ago. I used to be on Facebook and LinkedIn. I remember stripping back all the features of Facebook, I realized there was no value in it for me. The entire balance of power was in Zuckerberg's company and not a single thread of power was in the users. I even went to the extraordinary legnth of opening a support ticket with Facebook to request official deletion from their database.

Even when you remove your account you can still be placed there inactively. And then linkedin. I never landed any jobs or special connections. I found the process of inputting your personal information very tedious. Whoring for recommendations and praise was never my kink. I ended up deleting my account a year into use. I did re-join very briefly for a few weeks but quickly realized how useless it was and pulled the trigger on that bitch once again.

When Twitter came up I didn't start into it until 2010. Those 2 years were pretty glorious and bittersweet times for me. Many people I loved died and I found it comforting to tweet about it. 5 years in I pulled the trigger and deleted my entire twitter archive.

I did the same again in 2017. But this time I keep a strict week archive and anything older than that disappears via TweetDelete. Then I decided to try out SnapChat and WhatsApp.

I found SnapChat to be a glorified picture blogger that deletes your information after 48 hours. I found the interface kludgy and very basic.

WhatsApp is pretty awesome. It looks through your phone contacts and you can basically "chat" with people you know who have the app. Very neat.

But back to Twitter. It has stagnated significantly since it came out years ago. I've reduced who I follow and trimmed back how much I post because I simply don't give a shit anymore.

Above: My protek Helmet and red backpack.

Below: My beloved addiction to 7-11 slurpees. Read my old posts on how much I loved these things. So good. 

Below: My beloved and super-affectionate cat Kitty. He can't be left alone, he'll follow you everywhere. Loves to spoon and won't take no for an answer. Extremely lovey but scared of new people.

Went to a skate park with a buddy at work. I tried to Ollie on the right skateboard but could barely manage it. I took the boosted up a ramp, and when I went backwards I fell flat on my ass. I did manage a few runs up a hill but this board was meant for cruising, not stunts and shit. 

Caught a kid on a scooter doing some neat tricks.

Yeah, that's Laszlo and he's a better skater than me on that board he has. I didn't believe they were the same size as my boosted but it is, except my board has far larger wheels and wider, larger trucks. 

Boosting around downtown. One of my motors is starting to die and I opened a ticket with boosted. Just today it died 4 times on a ride. Going to swap connectors but it's pretty damn tight.

Boosting around the bridges is easy.

The river is pretty but very, very dangerous. it's flowing super fast and deep.

 Storm clouds in the distance.

Chilling out.

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