Friday, June 30, 2017

RIP BBV2 D+ April 15 - June 30th 2017

An idiotic art installation of a huge ball that Calgary spent $33,000 to have it placed across various areas of the city. I wish I was kidding.

Triump Tiger bike. Pretty neat, but expensive ($24,000)

Roll up the win to rim is back for Canada Day at Tim Hortons. Talk about whoring up the 150th anniversary of Canada's creation.

It's true. I boosted in to work this morning and it was fine. At lunch the board went 3 feet then both motors died. The remote was beeping. I unconnected both motors and re-connected, powered it off and on, no change...

I contacted Boosted who said I would have to send it back for repairs. I'm waiting for the shipping label. (No charge shipping). The board is covered until April 2018, but I'm pretty bummed out. I put about 850 kilometers on the board.

Now I know why Casey Neistat owns 7 of these motherfuckers.

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