Friday, May 12, 2017

Unlocking Pro Mode

The burned out sign is an accurate representation of life. There are no happy endings. All your heros have packed up and left town. The echoes of abandoned office spaces are everywhere.

Decay is interesting.  It reminds me of the ludicrous Detroit Commercial back in the 60's that proposed a great new city was ahead for them. Except someone forgot to turn the jobs back on.

No boosting today. The rain came down in the morning and the board is not waterproof. I should have known the weather would improve by lunchtime. I snapped a quick pic of a dude on a longboard heading into Safeway today. Cool.

I've unlocked the pro mode on the board, which means it'll go 22 mph up an incline of 25 degrees. Insanity. 35 km/hour is a bit fast. I don't know if I'll keep the board in this mode because it will rip through a full battery in 20 minutes. 2,000 watts goes quick on a 99AH battery. Too bad I coudnl't get a 60V lead acid battery... perhaps 1,200 Mah, that would get me 25 miles.

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