Tuesday, May 9, 2017


Recapture that youth. Go after that rush of adrenaline you feel - like your first time heading out to the bar or club. When you travelled really fast on a motorcycle and was scared to death. Or you remember some spectacular fuck up, like designing and implementing a faulty powersupply and watching filter caps blast to pieces in the lab. That first kiss between you and that special someone. Where am I going with this? Not sure. Trying to get through a bottle of Coney Island Hard Root Beer.

The odds are I will either:

A) Puke my guts out


B) Feel really terrible

If I'm able to finish this son of a bitch. But I'm determined and a little hazy from the high alcohol content.

Hitting the boosted board pretty hard this week. I'm  determined to find some interesting areas to explore. Get out there and see your city or town.

I ran into a lady while at the post office who saw me ripping downtown. I demo'd the board but knew this lady thought I was out of my mind. There are zero old people running on skateboards, let alone overpowered motorized ones.

Thank God for that.

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