Sunday, May 7, 2017

Love will find a way

I normally don't get into personal chatter when writing on my blog. My life is fairly private for the most part. The past two years have been challenging with my s/o, and to be honest I've been completely unhappy personally.

You know that scene from Lost in Translation where Bill Murray is sitting at the bar, looking at his drink and thinking "Is this it? Why am I so miserable?". Without getting into details, because it's personal, I hope we can figure this out in the next few months. Because I know I can't keep being this miserable over the next year or so. I would rather be alone.

Relationships are very complex things and take lots of different compoents to work.  Talking to your partner should always be your #1 step in trying to resolve problems. Communication is absolutely the most critical part of any relationship. Although it can be difficult sometimes, you have to take the time to express your thoughts and feelings.

Life changes, people change, things change. The only constant in life is change. I just hope we can make it.

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