Wednesday, May 3, 2017

I found an old friend...

Behold! The original Zune media player. I bought this in Truro, Nova Scotia years ago for $80 and it worked fine until I dropped it like a hot pocket one summer day in 2013. The zune offered exceptional music quality over the ipod in the day. The store is long dead, but I still use it to sync up my Zune HD. God it was a terrible scene watching that thing bounce. 

It slipped out of my hands like a wet fish and hit the pavement HARD. The tiny hard drive disintegrated into pieces. I didn't have the stamina to fix it, it's really heavy and prone to random reboots - quite annoying really. 

Before that I had the Shitty Sansa MP3 player which was even worse than the Zune. After the Zune, I bought a used ipod 2 and used that for a year or so. I gave that up and bought a Zune HD off ebay (broken) and bought another from a stranger in Calgary.

I also did buy a tiny 8GB zune mini but it only lasted a month before the friggin display died on me. Sigh.

My Zune HD still  works but I have to hold the cable at a wonky angle otherwise it loses connection to the headphone jack. I don't have those goddamn tri-head screwdrivers to take it apart... I'll find one eventually. I did buy one of Deal Extreme but that piece of shit broke down in minutes and wouldn't unscrew jack shit.

I could use the iphone but I really don't want to have my music on a company phone. The only apps I have on my phone are Strava and VidoMeter Pro.

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