Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Boost ride to McDonalds?

 No boosted ride during my lunch today, I wanted to get some walking exercise. Using the board is great - don't get me wrong. But too much makes you super lazy and you begin to get soft. I will ride the board tomorrow, walk thursday, ride friday. I did take the boosted for a ride to McDonalds after work - and I made it with 60% energy to spare. I was careful going over those bitch sidewalks. Bumps and cracks everywhere. More crack than a Whitney Houston after party.

Walking gives me a better chance at random street photography. Nobody gives a shit when you take pictures.

You might as well be invisible.

I stopped using Twitter as much, it was too distracting. Limiting my interactions over the next 2 months. 

Will this ever end? This construction site has been active for years. Goddamn years.

I like this shot, near my favorite tiled architecture.

Dude playing with his phone.

 A fisker... pretty rare. Pure electric sports car. I would prefer the Tesla-S myself.

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