Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Will it ever stop snowing?

Seriously. It's almost May for fuck sakes. Thank god my foot is better, otherwise I'd be an old hobbled motherfucker walking downtown in the snow. I did go for a quick boost to Shoppers Drug mart after work today, but it was a mistake. The sidewalks are a mess, water is everywhere.... had to clean the board afterwards. Probably boost next week or on the weekend (maybe Friday).

With this shit weather I didn't have much urge for street photography. I did take the GR out, but I fucked up on the shot in the tunnel. It's OK but not the best. All the other shots are with the iphone because I didn't have time to worry about snow and rain. I only use the GR in good weather.

Some typical spring weather in Calgary, shot from the 23rd floor.

Street level you can see the snow is disappearing very fast. We do need the moisture. 

This last shot, I don't know. I saw 2 business cards on the ground and thought "Why not?" and took the shot. Improvisation or shit photography. You be the judge.

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