Friday, April 7, 2017

Unboxing and First Ride Video

Photography does not require an expensive camera setup. You can take perfectly great pictures even with a $5 disposable camera that will out-perform even the most expensive dSLR or mirrorless out there. Can you guess which of these shots were taken with the legendary Ricoh GR 2 and which ones from the lowly iphone6s? Carefully review each and look at the bottom for the answers.

I rarely get inspiration without hints from nature or the environment. Light provides an excellent clue to where I should take the picture and frame it. In the shot above I completely went against the rule of thirds and decided to focus the shot on the road instead of the Calgary tower. It didn't turn out so great, but, I'm not aiming for perfection. You'll never find it in photography.

Of course, street shots are my favorite subjects. They offer the most truest capture of life and the moment in time. Nobody is aware the shot is taken, and if they were - no one cares really. This is not North Korea. 

Patterns can help formulate a picture with very little planning. In this shot I waited until nobody was in the frame and quickly took the shot. The empty long hallway echoes of a distance and makes the picture seem a bit lonely. 

Action shots are super easy if you're sitting in the middle of the road waiting for people or cars to pass by. The blown-out background is the result of the camera's limitations to deal with such dynamic ranges. 

Unusual pictures, like the abandoned work area with drinks shown - give a tiny story without much context. Where are the workers? Why is it abandoned? What happens next? All good things to think about and help direct your 'story'.

Back to the boosted board. I should get the thing Monday afternoon. I'll do a quick unboxing video and short ride with Vidometer - I won't be doing anything special, just the facts. My editing skills are rather *limited* because I am not a professional videogapher. I work in IT and don't do much video except for the random shot here and there.

Stay tuned. The board is in Calgary. All pics taken with iphone.

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