Sunday, April 2, 2017

Too much skateboarding?

Since my right foot has been in pain for the past few days, I thought it would be best to stop skateboarding for at least 2-3 work days this week. I don't want to cause any serious or permanent injury to my achillles tendon or muscles within the foot.

Walking has been....challenging since I ripped the past 5 days straight during my work week. Friday was especially brutal because I decieded to skate to downtown Safeway from my morning work site. Not easy to do at all, but I managed - barely.

Plus my car's brakes have decided to take a turn for the worse lately. The wear indicators on the front have started to ring up. On Monday I'll be going to the Mazda dealership to buy about $550 worth of parts for my car: front and back brake pads, rotors, spring clips, and 2 bottles of brake fluid.

I'm really hoping my private mechanic can help me out here, because I would prefer to do the brake job with someone who knows what they're doing. I don't have the proper tools to bleed my brakes either, and I'd like to do that since the fluid is now 5 years old.

That means I'll have to take the bus starting on Tuesday - which isn't too bad considering it runs by my apartment every 10 minutes. I'll try boosting to work once I get the board in a few weeks.

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