Monday, April 10, 2017

The Boosted Board is so good it should be illegal

Ride video here:


The board is very heavy and large. Compared to my old longboard (which I sold for $35) --  the wheels are also massive.

The board has insane flexibility. You can jump up and down & it will not break.

I put the board into expert mode. I tried beginner but it was just too damn slow. I may be crazy but I'm not stupid. Pro mode is just too fast for me right now. The board will launch you right off of it. You have to brace yourself when braking or moving ahead really fast. There is very little speed wobble on this board. Foot tractionis excellent, since Boosted put extra grit on the top of the board on the Dual+ model.

I find the remote control to be AAAA quality. It is very responsive and you can let the throttle run without needing to keep your thumb on the wheel. The braking is very, very good. I was coming up to 2 girls and a dog at Glenmore park and when I braked the motors let out this loud scream... people jump out of your way. I have to be careful, this board is very, very dangerous at speed. Wear a helmet and protection, always.The board shipped 100% fully charged but with a regular battery. Boosted is going to ship me the extended battery sometime in Q3 or Q4 this year which should get me 12-14 miles per run.

On  my first trip I went 8 Km and drained it to 25%. but I was going against the wind, blasting almost full through the walking paths. I might have to loosen the trucks a bit, but that will be done once I am more familiar with the board. I do NOT want to get over-confident on this thing. It's that quick.

People don't expect to see you on an electric skateboard. To say I spent almost $2K on a skateboard is really crazy, right? But this is a quality board and the ride is the best I have ever been on. I would easily pay more than that for this board. I'm going to try and learn how to safely use this board. The comparison to the old push board is like moving from an antique car to a Tesla S. It's insane with torque, and I only weigh about 170 pounds.  I have never ridden a skateboard up or down a steep hill with such control. On a regular longboard I would be terrified on how to stop at such an angle? My options would be to bail, jump off, or pray. With the board I just throttle back - as long as your battery isn't 100% charged.

I love it.I've already shredded the plastic guard by running over rocks but that's to be expected. It's made to run hard and hopefully will last me a very long time. I do have 4 spare belts coming in just in case I rip the 2 on my board.

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