Sunday, April 23, 2017

Sunday Boost through Glenmore Park

With the standard 99Wh battery pack the boosted v2 can quickly deplete if you hammer on the speed and go up hills. Nobody is using electric skateboards in the park. You see joggers, cyclists, and people who are walking. Passing cyclists is trivial as the board can rip quickly down the road, even at expert, at 30km/hour. 

I am no longer afraid of the speed but see no point in using Pro mode. It's a bit twitchy on speed and braking. I've made some cheap extensions on my plastic guards using duct tape. It looks very ugly but the board is holding up pretty good. I already have 1 tiny cut in my belt, and the place I bought the belts shipped them out last week. I hope I can get the replacement belts before my 1 belt gives out. 

Explaining the board to strangers, is getting a bit old. I have it down to a few talking points:

* Made in California
* 2 x 1000W motors
* 22mph up 25% grades
* Loaded bamboo/maple deck with Kegel wheels
*1 hour to recharge on 7 mile range, 14 mile on extended (eta Q4)
* Costs $2K Canadian for the Dual+ extended

I guess I could have purchased a scooter for this price but where's the fun with that? Plus you can carry this thing anywhere. I did get in trouble in a mall last week when a security guard caught me boosting indoors. A quick apology and a promise to not do that again, I was out of there.

My achilles tendon is healing well since I stopped manual skateboarding. It was foolish to think I could skateboard like a teenager when I'm this old.

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