Thursday, April 20, 2017

Boosted Board Update

The majestic clouds of Alberta look magnificent even shot with an iphone. 

My 2 neighbors left and I have nobody parking next to the Mazda anymore. I still have to fix the tiny coolant leak in the heater core, but since I dropped $2K on the brakes and suspension, it will have to wait.

The spring grass is shooting up very quickly.

I tried to capture the sun rays gleaming through the clouds. Unfortunately the dynamic range of the iphone is terrible.

Boosted Board Update

- 100KM on the board and I've beaten the shit out of my plastic guards. I'm going to have to visit Princess Auto and fabricate set of metal guards to protect my belts.

- The 4 belts I ordered have been shipped. I don't want to risk breaking a belt and being stranded

- The speed is ludicrous. I can hit 30km/hour but I feel a little scared bombing down the roads, even with full gear. Top speed is 40km/hour and I haven't had the guts to hit that yet.

- Nobody is using electric skateboards downtown. At least, not that I have seen

- My right foot is doing considerably better since I stopped longboarding with the old Globe Board. I ended up selling it for $35 to a co-worker

I'm going to try and head to the Freak Lunchbox tomorrow if it's not raining.

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