Sunday, April 9, 2017

Bad Weather

It seems ironic that I get my boosted dual+ extended tomorrow and the entire goddamn week is either rain or snow. No fucking kidding.

The only saving grace is I might be able to do an evening ride or maybe even a lunch ride on Tuesday. I have a friend of mine at work I'd like to demo the boosted board to, and see if she likes it.

My foot is still sore, but since I quit manual skateboarding last week it has improved vastly. I'm selling my old skateboard for $35 next week (which is half of what I paid for it). The lady at work wants to learn to skateboard and I'll show her the basics of safety and maintenance.

Ah yes. Here is the shot from my nasty speed wobble accident I had back in March. I was going downhill far to fast and way to back on the board. This caused the front end of the board to wobble left and right. I tried to run it out but ended up spinning on my back and getting nasty road rash on my left side and left arm. I had to get a tetanus shot.

The ironic part of this story is I was on my way to get my full skateboard pad set. Fucking moron.

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