Monday, March 27, 2017

Maintain your rides or die

There's a sound on my car I've heard before, and I hate it when I hear it. The brake warning noise - when your brake pads wear so much the metal warning plate starts hitting the steel rotors, emitting a nasty metal-on-metal sound. I heard that today a few times on and off. Now I was hoping to wait until April or May to get this work done, but it looks like I have to buy the parts and get some help soon.

This brings me to maintenace of skateboards. Recently on /r/boostedboards there was a post about a guy who was riding his board and the bearing on his front board blew to pieces and he fell off. He did notice a "strange noise" but ignored it and didn't do anything about it. Days later, that happened. Daily, check your skateboard for play and listen to the bearings for noise. Replace them if you don't want to go to the trouble of cleaning and lubricating them. Your life is not worth the risk! Ride safely.

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