Thursday, March 9, 2017

Fuck it

Modified my order to the Boosted Dual+ Extended. I figured why not, I'm already spending $1300 USD on this fucking thing, I might as well get the best one. A $200 jump might seem high but this board will hit 22 mph up a 25% incline.

An extremely nice colleague of mine at work suggested I buy a cheap skateboard to get used to it - and I'm searching for a cheap longboard. I did find one on Kijiji for $40 CDN, and I hope I can snag it on Saturday. I'll be getting some gear tomorrow at lunch time (helmet, wrist guards, knee and elbow pads).

Boosted claims they'll ship the board in May but we'll see. I really hope they increase production and get them out quickly. The winter weather here is killing me. It's absolutely brutal here.

Looks like next week we will have some warmth return to Calgary - FINALLY!

I might use my VIOFO camera to record some boosted board videos in the future - easy to do, all I need is gaffer's tape, a long USB cable, and my battery bank. The camera will run for hours on that thing.

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