Friday, February 3, 2017

Pic of the Day (POTD) - New!

Join me as I bring shit photography to a whole new level of random: I'll try to update daily with a new and unique shit photo of the day. I primarily shoot with a Ricoh GR 2 and if I forget to pick that up before I leave out the door, I use my company's iphone 6s to take the shots. The iphone is great in daylight but not so in darkness. The GR is the ultimate ninja camera that I use to "zoom with my feet" to get up and close to people without them knowing.

Street photography is legal in Canada and you don't need any permission to use them, unlike some draconian laws in other countries. Hell, we'll be legalizing weed very soon. Canada is fucking awesome.

POTD 1: Walkway towards the park in Downtown Calgary walking/running paths.

POTD 2: This is all that remains of Sanjeal Camera store in downtown Calgary. I once went here to see if they could order me a lens cap for my GR2, but they never did call me back. Assholes.

POTD 3: Early morning today, not yet sunrise and I capture the person in front of me against the headlights of a car.

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