Thursday, January 26, 2017

Welcome to CrazyTown: Trumpland

God what a year this is going to be. Every day I check my twitter page I read Donald Trump's endless tweets about bullshit. (eg. Claiming there was major voting fraud and he won the popular vote!). C'mon man. You won the goddamn job. Instead of looking back and complaining about how the media has "lied consistently about his crowd size". Just unbelivable. You got to wonder what Americans are thinking when they wake up and see that Trump is having yet another temper tantrum because he was just slighted by the media. Enough of this bullshit. On to the pictures.

Below: Icon of Calgary, the Calgary Tower from the base on a beautiful winter day.

 Below: A shot of Calgary during my walk. All these photos were taken using an iphone 6s - which isn't bad in bright light. My GR2 was forgotten at home, but I'll be bringing it out tomorrow.

It's tough to take pictures when the sun is at your face. I tried to use the building smoke as a shield, but it failed.

Sunset in Calgary from the other day.

Took this photo below during my walk today in Calgary's Chinatown:

Also taken today, I took a photo of 2 snowmen, one without a hat. I did go back and put the hat over the small one.

Above: I had to wash the car because it was so dirty, my clothes would get black. It really needed the wash.

 My work area at one customer site. In the process of rebuilding ruggedized tablets. My work laptop is shown and my awesome gaming mouse I bought from London Drugs for $29 ($10 off!).

Below: A motherfucking BMW i8! $150,000 CDN !!

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