Saturday, December 17, 2016

Magic Flight Launch Box Review

I decided to go for it and buy a Magic Flight Launch Box to try for my own. I'm a light weed smoker who mainly uses it at night just before I go to bed. It helps me sleep. I cannot function if I were to vape during the day as I need to have a clear mind. Let's begin!

DESIGN: Its hard to beat this plain design. With the fine wood and simple craftsmanship, the box has a very neat engraving on the back along with a battery hole, hole for the intake, vapor exit hole, and sliding pyrex glass top.  I bought the cheapest one - Maple for $139 from a vape store in BC. The vaporizer uses a single NiMH battery and push-in operation to start the heating process. Inside there is a tiny LED light that lets you know the battery is working. Coincidentally, this is the only item not covered by the lifetime warranty of the device. MLFB has legendary customer support and will replace your box if it breaks, even 10, 15, or 20 years from now.

EASE OF USE: Reading through the manual first will help greatly on your first session. Unlike smoking in a pipe or blunts/joints, there is no combustion. The plant is heated to just under combustion (I believe to 220C) and what comes out of the device is a smooth vapor that doesn't burn the throat like regular smoking does. You have to draw very gently otherwise you will blow the herb around and make vaporizing very uneven. You also want to not draw too long or too slow, both will cause your herb to combust quite easily. If you do this, it will blacken your vape and require quite a number of sessions to get rid of the burnt taste. You won't be able to get rid of the discoloration as it will get dark with time.
TASTE: Here is where the MLFB really soars. I'm sure you can spend $300 easily on a PAX 3 and get premium vaping action with very little fuss or problems. The MLFB has very good taste and can generate very big clouds if you are able to control your draw and temperature. It really takes practice and I'm far from an expert. You can use the glass stem to extend the vape to cool it a bit, to be honest, it's never hot enough to burn your mouth. The pronounced taste of herb will show up right away. When smoking out of a pipe, this taste gets burned off. With the MLFB, I can taste every part of the plant and it is very, very enjoyable. I also use a very TINY amount of herb compared to smoking: .1 to .2 of a gram per session!

VALUE: Another shining part of the MLFB is the actual fact you can save your "Already vaped bud" for spreading on toast or using in edibles such as cookies or brownies. The THC is gone, but the other terpenes and components of the plant will make you very comfortable. If you really want to cut down on your herb consumption and aren't interested in dabbing or wax, this is the device for you. However, MLFB does sell a Mau Dib device, which is built for wax and dabbing (shown below) for a little under $170 CDN. Below is what it looks like.

Last Words: If you're interested in saving money on herb, aren't afraid to learn about manual vaping and are really curious about the beautiful design, then this vape is for you. If you don't want to worry about fussing with vaping and only care about easy hits and clouds, then it's not the vape for you. With practice, I'm sure I can master the device in no time. As always, please use in moderation, never for people under 18, or be high and drive a vehicle. I'm fairly satisfied with this little vape and I hope it serves me for years to come. I have thrown out my smoking papers and glass pipe forever.

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