Sunday, December 18, 2016

For those facing depression during the holiday season....

My tips to surviving the holiday season if you're depressed or not feeling the Christmas magic this year:

* Read a book, its a great escape
* Watch a movie, binge on netflix, download classics, etc.
* Go for a walk
* Talk to friends and family
* Volunteer
* Light a candle or candles for loved ones who passed away
* Have a drink or two to mellow out or smoke a tiny bit of Cannabis
* Don't answer the door to Christmas carolers. Fuck these people.
* Think back and remember the good times you had with people who are no longer here. I want you to put one single thought into your head as you do this: "Would this person want me to be upset or sad during Christmas? The obvious answer is no. Keep expectations very low during the holiday season and you'll get around it fine
* Distract yourself by watching new TV such as Hockey, Football, Soccer, or other sports.

What not to do (these only temporarily mask your problems)

* Get hammered drunk (I never suggest this)
* Get stoned out of your mind (unless you wont' be driving)
* Get into fist fights with friends and family members (more on that later)
* High or Drunk dial friends or family

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