Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Yeah, It Happened (Trump)

Last August (2015) I predicted to my family that Trump would win and become president. Little did I know, this would ring true a year and half later. Why is everyone surprised at this?

US Politics is a mess. First, it takes almost 2 years to become president from start to finish. In Canada (tiny population) this takes 2 goddamn months. And even then Canadians complain about this shit.

Hillary and Trump are two of the most divisive characters to ever grace American Politics for a long, long time. To be honest, I really liked Trump when he first shot out of the cannon back 1.5 years ago. He seemed pretty nice, liked to joke, could easily handle his own in a debate and seemed to be leading a very successful company. Also, he is very rich.

But slowly, the darkness started to rise up. Rumours of inappropriate behavior towards women, the reprehensible talk with Billy Bush about grabbing women's genitals and bragging that he'd only need a tic tac because "he's a star and can do whatever he wants".

Then there's Hillary, who has her own slew of scandal and mistrust. Bengazi, the home e-mail server, missing e-mails, the secret paid-to-access price tag from foreign governments... just reeks of bad news.The US voters really only had one choice if you were poor: Trump. Like Michael Moore said in a great youtube video a little while ago, people are goddamn pissed off with this system. They don't believe anymore.  The graph below shows the very real growth of Trump's vote count during last night's election.

Of course, some people are panicking, thinking of leaving and moving to Canada. You're more than welcome to come here. I don't think a Trump presidency will be too bad. Change is good. I really don't care for Hillary, and I'm no fan of Donald Trump's sexist attitude. If there is a god, he will learn to be humble and respect women (as everyone should).

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