Wednesday, November 16, 2016

RIP Bert

Read my last post years ago about Bert here.

Its hard to believe 2005 is 11 years ago. In 2005 I was working for Quest Software in Halifax, Nova Scotia as a Technical Product Specialist supporting Active Directory products. I worked with the best team I have ever worked with back then. (I still miss those nice folks). Bert was working the night shift in his Taxi and suffered a fatal heart attack while trying to dig his stuck cab out of a snow bank in south Winnipeg (off pembina hwy I believe). My mom is alone and I always try to take care of her even from Calgary. Why did I not move back to Winnipeg? Money. I needed to make money to help support her and my girlfriend. Rest in peace Bert, we miss you. We never had a super relationship, but we had common respect and love. That's what counts.

 Other news:

  •  I don't have any fancy street photography to post yet. Yes, I have been taking pictures on my Ricoh GR 2, but for the past little while I slowed down my posting and trying to concentrate on quality shots. That's hard. 
  • Changed my oil and filter in the Mazda 3, next oil change is 94,000 km or April 2017
  •  It snowed in Calgary today (not much) but it did 
  • Signed up for a VPN service. I figured it was time since the MPAA will have a new overlord in January (Donald Trump)
  • Got a new laptop from work. Goodbye Thinkpad T430, hello sexy Carbon X1!
  • Did you know you can buy medical grade cannabis via mail order in Canada? Yep. Just go to and check the latest monthly MOM mega-thread review. (Very helpful)

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