Friday, October 14, 2016

TGIF & Winter Tires

It's hard to take really good pictures. It's super easy to take shit or mediocre ones. I excel at that. I find street photography doesn't require much preparation, only a simple camera in hand, no real framing, just rough "aiming" and pulling the trigger. Photography today is so much easier than it was in the 1980's with film. Above: A friendly guy begging for change near the underpass - said I was sorry, didn't have change, but thanked him for his picture and said have a nice day.

Below: Once you cross 1st street east on 7th avenue, it becomes really sketchy. I like the area because you can get some really neat shots without much effort at all.

Dunno what this guy was doing (reading his phone likely), but I snapped a bunch of shots, picked this one and moved on.

A garbage bag hangs in the tree branches.

Caught this lady on the street, I like how her purse matches the C-train color.

The lady below didn't see me take the shot, and I only took it because of the guys super-bright orange shoes.

People in a cafe drinking coffee. I like the guy staring down at his papers... interesting intensity.

I don't know why, but I've always liked abandoned street alleys.

So above, this guy is straight out staring at me sideways as I walk down the street. I take a shot, pretending to take a photo of the porsche, continue shooting and panning towards him.... and then he quickly turns around and walks away. He was trying not to walk on the crosswalk lines... very odd.

Also - I had to take my car in to get the winter tires put on this morning... I was 2nd in line and it only cost me $113 CDN to get them mounted and balanced - not bad... I figured I'd get them EARLY before any snow hits Calgary... better safe...

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