Wednesday, October 12, 2016

2005 Lookback and Today's Street Photos

Ladies and gentlemen, please read through and take a peek at some of the photos I took. Above: From Calgary today during my lunchtime walk. Also below, another quick shot.

Below: Calgary, they are rebuilding the pedestrian underpass.

I caught this couple walking close to work this morning.

Behold! I worked for Quest Software back in 2005, and this was my workstation and servers below the desk. I still have that chair at home and use it for my own. (I bought it for $30 from Quest when they wanted to buy new furniture).

Below is the 2003 Cavalier I drove until 2007 - a real piece of crap. Here is my review that I wrote.

And fuck sakes, here I am, back in 2005, rocking the microsoft wave keyboard and 17 inch LCD's. Fuck yeah!
 Friend of mine (Dave's) bedroom - his server/gaming area. Retro amiga 3000 on the desk too.

John, Dave, and I rocking in the Toyota Echo.

This is a new pic. I took it today, it's just out of order from my post.

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