Saturday, September 17, 2016

TV Cost

Back in 2008 I bought an RCA 32 inch 720p TV for about $478+ tax. I still have this TV, used it every day until today. Have a 44 inch LG (1080P) in the livingroom, I bought that from the Superstore years ago for about $399 or so. Fast forward to today - superstore yet again has TV's lined up at the front entrance with a security guard standing by. I'm confused because this store stopped selling TV sets months ago. I was kind of relieved they did because it's hard to resist the deal.

Ended up buying a 55 inch RCA 4K tv for about $465. There is no 4K media available unless I hook it up to the KODI Box I bought a few months ago, or my gaming PC.

Before my 32 inch RCA TV I had an old Magnasonic 27' set (480p) that was a tube. It lasted an incredible 13 years before I came home to a smokey apartment - the set self-destructed and almost caught fire. I paid $500 for that TV set back in 1997. My how costs have come down since then.

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