Thursday, September 29, 2016

Thursday Already ??

 Above: A lady lost in texting as she walks downtown, oblivious to my camera.

Below: Young asian guy reading a book while walking down the sidewalk. Very retro.

Above: I imagined the guy holding the suitcase is Death, going to his next appointment. How horrible.

Below: Crop of a young lady looking at her phone. This is all we do now, myself included.

Below: Window picture of a very cool retro downtown shop on 11th avenue.

Below: Yet another phone gazer.

 Below: This BMW pink atrocity was seen driving downtown, loud exhaust, not sure if it's a real M3, but judging by the lack of wheel vents, it's just a fake M3. That lowered suspension isn't fooling anyone. You have a small cooch or penis.

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