Monday, September 5, 2016

The Watch & Sketchy Weed Story

I've had the Martian Notifier watch for about a week now. It's really nice. The watch carries all my notifications, whether it's twitter, e-mail, phone calls, etc.... right on the wrist! The best part? This watch battery lasts about a week. The analog part will last 2 years. This watch is 100% readable in bright sunlight outside. How many smartwatches can you say about that? It's my indispensable tech now.

Sketchy Weed Story

At least 3 years ago my first and only time buying weed from a sketchy city dealer. I ended up going to the NW in this Native Indian dude's house. Sitting in the basement I had to wait while he packaged the weed up.  I watched hockey and he showed me his home grow - a small 4x4 area in the far corner of the room. I spent $140 for a half ounce of not bad bud. The place he lived was a bit bad. Shit cars, cheap housing, rough neighbors. Ever stay in a place and wonder if you'll come out alive? Yeah, that kind of fuckin' place. 

Another really horrible place I went to 5 years ago was North Dartmouth Nova Scotia. This dealer lived in a notorious area full of crack houses. I swear to fuck every time I went down I thought I was going to get shot. Just do a google search of Albro Lake road and you tell me what kind of fuckin' neighborhood it is. I never had total strangers give me hard looks before until I arrived in that goddamn neighborhood. People poppin' out their windows and hanging out on their front goddamn yards. The dealer I bought it from was so cracked out (I was buying 1/8 of weed) she thought her house had goddamn bugs in it. "You gotta check my suite, I have tiny bugs everywhere" she yelled. I looked and there wasn't any. What she had was cocaine psychosis. Shit was fucked up. Never again.

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