Thursday, September 1, 2016

The Risk of Jumping into a small business

Next year when Canada legalizes Cannabis for sale for people 21 and over, there will be an explosion of businesses coming up to profit on this. Right now the price of mail-order-weed is about $6-11 per gram, depending on where you buy from. (Not that I ever did that). With full legalization, I could see the price drop to half this - maybe 3-4$ per gram. That works out to $84-$112 per ounce.

Personal growing will no doubt make a small dent, but I really have my doubts on how large it would be. It's like brewing beer at home: Many people can legally do it, but how many of us actually go to this trouble?

Growing weed is complicated and stinky. You need the proper equipment and environment to do this. I'd grow it if I had my own property, but never where I was renting. Too much headache.

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