Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Random Calgary Street Photos

All taken with a Ricoh GR II

People often walk the exact same stride without even knowing it. I caught the proof here.

Below: I shot these folks discreetly from the side, lucked out on a semi good shot.

Early morning. I had my exposure compensation up too high at +3, had to use silkypix to adjust the raw file and dump to jpg. Meh.

Super cropped shot. Really boring picture except when you notice the woman below is basically hugging this guy. So touching.

It wasn't really this dark, but the exposure made it look like that.

Some street art, I kind of like it.

Yet Another Cropped Shot (YACS?). Just people milling across the street.

Yet another over-exposed shot, goddamn fingers hit the manual adjuster too easy. I tried to fix it up.

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