Friday, September 16, 2016

Friday Street Photography

The world contains and endless supply of photos and stories. Each person and situation has it's own little yarn. Above, an old woman uses a walker to navigate down a back alley in downtown Calgary. The garbage cans give a distinctive edge of despair. I'm sure she's all right.

Below, a young homeless woman sits alone on the bench with her dog. This photo bothered me because she is so young, with so much potential, but yet there she is, languishing like a wasted life. Or maybe she's a millionaire just taking a smoke break?

Since the sun rises pretty late I can catch the rays as they begin climbing across the city streets. I had to stop to take a few shots, and this guy kept walking. Nobody paid attention to me.

Yes, so this shot was on 7th avenue obviously, the young woman was checking her phone and the guy on the bench was actually looking up at the announcement sign which tells you how long the train is away. It sort of looks like he's proposing to her but not really. And no, this was not a creep shot.

Holy fucking shit, I caught an old car with DONKS! Why someone would ruin such a fine classic car, I have no idea. I think those wheels are at least 22 inches. I could be wrong.

Homeless guy begging for change. Quick shot.

Outside the Calgary Law Courts building, this asian lady was taking a picture of somebody with her ipad of all things. Lady, use your phone.

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