Thursday, August 25, 2016

Winnipeg Trip Recap Part 2

Pictures placed out-of-order from visit.

Day 0: Arrived and went to bed early
Day 1: Dropped in at Dave's place and took some pictures of his mom's garden. She's a legendary green thumb and has tons of potatoes, apples, and tomatoes.
Day 2: We head out to a middle-eastern restaurant in downtown winnipeg and eat Shwarma plates (very good). You can see the guys making the food in the above picture. Chilled out at home, fixed a bad faucet in the bathroom (hot water wouldn't turn off). Spent $20 and got 2 new taps. Next door neighboor Charles was nice and lent me his tools so I could swap them out. Also went to a downtown thriftstore to look for vintage bowling shirts. (Hence the strange dummy picture)
Day 4 (Thursday) Chilled out at home, then in the evening went to glow-bowling at Dakota Lanes in St. Vital. Bought 2 rounds of drinks and John a shooter of tequila.
Day 5 Had a family friend over (Mickey) and my brother. Ate some little Caesars pizza and chilled out.
Day 6 Went to John's place, then to Superboy's for fries and Chilli. Went to Kildonan park and ate there
Day 7 Went to my brother's house and chilled for a bit, then went back to relax. Ended up fixing my mom's lawnmower which had a wheel fall off when I mowed the lawn this week.
Day 8 Left to return home.

 Glow bowling. Shitty shot.

John takes a photo of the sun creeping into his garage.

 Myself (left) and Dave (right). We're pretty fucking high.

My grandma's old house, below and to the left.

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