Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Will it ever stop storming?

We've had 24 days of storms in a month. Enough.  Above a man pays for his c-train ticket during lunch.

Below: Morning shot of downtown at 8AM.

Below: A red ferrari idles as the man inside waits for someone. I was never fond of these, I'm an Austin Martin man myself.

Below: The douchiest license plate yet: IT WHIP. Seriously, nobody I know in IT drives a CTS-V. We all know they drive Audi's. (Well, except me, I'm not big on those expensive cars. I'd rather have a lexus).

Below: Probably the only good shot I had today. I took it upside down and he never saw the picture.

Below: It gets bloody dark here.

Guess which camera shop never called me back when I walked in and asked if they could price me out a Ricoh GR II hood? yup. 

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