Saturday, August 27, 2016

Still enjoying my vacation

I have a week left of vacation, and I'm not complaining. First off, I'd like to thank @WPGCameraman (twitter) for hooking me up with some Girl Scout Cookies Cannabis. Some of the best stuff I smoked was at his house and the little bit he gave me went a long, long way.

Use with moderation and don't drive.

Since I'm not downtown right now I haven't done much street photography in a while. I'll revive this in September. I was looking for a smart watch for a while now, but couldn't justify spending $100 - $200 on a device which is essentially useless in bright sunlight.

I was this close || to buying a Moto 360 off Amazon for $119, but when I saw this Martian Smartwatch for $49 (regular $120), I snapped one up immediately. I hope to get it next week and will do a mini-review for all interested.

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